Our Mission

Boys for the Better empowers teen and preteen boys to redefine and broaden the norms, practices and expectations of traditional masculinity.

Through hands-on media literacy workshops and programming, students learn to identify, analyze and challenge the limited and damaging ways masculinity is often reflected in digital media. Students are guided through our innovate, research-based curriculum, Boy-VERSE, with a focus on Violence prevention, Emotional development, Relationship management, Self-confidence, and Educational achievement.

Boys for the Better works to help male-identifying teens and preteens develop the social and emotional skills necessary to become their most authentic and complete selves. 


Our team of educators and youth development experts are deeply passionate about the transformational impact of education to help equip teens with the confidence and skills necessary to make positive change in their lives and communities.


Media holds the power
to shape how we see ourselves and others, as well as how we want to be seen. Without the skills to question perceived norms and practices reflected through media content, teens are uniquely susceptible to the dangers of toxic masculinity. 


Social and emotional learning is at the heart of our media literacy-based programming, including best practices in managing digital relationships, mental health and wellness strategies, and developing a positive sense of oneself beyond media.